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What Is Scientific Inquiry?

Grade 3 - Teachers are introduced to Scientific Inquiry from a fellow elementary educator and learn how inquiry-based learning can help build student engagement and critical thinking.

Inquiry: it all Begins With a Good Question

Grade 3 - Learn more about the Scientific Inquiry process and how it begins with a good question.

Scientific Inquiry: Step-By-Step

Grade 4 - Learn more about each step of the Scientific Inquiry process and how introducing the inquiry process to young students prepares them for advanced work in later grades.

Observation and Data Collection

Grade 4 - Learn about the importance of observation and data collection to the Scientific Inquiry process and how students must learn to make objective observations and record them.

Building Student Engagement

Grade 5 - Learn how to use video as a hook to build student engagement in a topic.

In the Field: Making Connections

Grade 5 - Learn about ways to make connections for students between concepts they are learning in the classroom, and, the real world connections in their own backyards.

Thinking Like a Scientist

Grade 6 - Teachers can help build critical thinking and encourage their students to think like scientists by providing manageable challenges and supporting them through the process.

Becoming An Independent Learner

Grade 7 - The importance of nurturing independent learning in students as they transition from Middle to High School.

Wrapping it Up

Grade 8 - How to address some of the challenges students face when it comes to interpreting the results of their scientific investigation.