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At the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, the world is your classroom!

The Cincinnati Zoo is a place for school children to meet over 500 animals and 3,000 plant species. The zoo is internationally known for its research and conservation projects worldwide and for its success in the protection and propagation of endangered animals and plants. The zoo’s education programs strive to combine learning with curiosity, passion with dedication, and advocacy with perspective. By asking students to move from spectators to investigators the zoo hopes to foster a sense of wonder, share knowledge, and advocate active involvement with wildlife and wild places. There’s no better place for students to learn about, participate in, and contribute to science!

Find out about a variety of programs for students and educators at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden’s Education page at

Students and educators can also learn more from the keepers and educators from the zoo through the zoo’s daily blog posts. Hear all kinds of fun stories, see new photos, and videos straight from the zoo: