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Are gorillas more likely to be right-handed than left-handed? Can ants really be farmers?

Thane Maynard, Director of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden and host of the 90-Second Naturalist, wants to take you and your students to the zoo to find out! In You at the Zoo, Thane Maynard and teen co-host Ebony Kimble lead students on an inquiry-based exploration to find out how fast cheetahs run, what it takes to be a bird, and just what happens when you tickle a sensitive plant.

Project partners CET, ThinkTV and the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden bring you this multimedia project designed to model an inquiry-based approach for doing science. You at the Zoo includes nine student videos hosted by Thane Maynard and the You at the Zoo student team. The videos also feature the keepers, trainers and scientists who care for and study the animals and plants in the zoo’s collection. Together the videos help teach Scientific Inquiry, Heredity, and Diversity and Interdependence of Life for grades 3-8.

The You at the Zoo project also features professional development videos with tips for fine-tuning the inquiry approach with students. Accompanying lessons and resources on this site will help you get started.